Shooting Progressions

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This is a full court drill. One basketball, though a second one may increase pace.

This drill emphasizes rebounding technique, quick outlet or inbound pass, offensive and defensive fast break skills.

This is a ten player minimum drill.

The focus is on attaining good rebounding position and making a quick inbound or outlet pass.


To Begin

The drill starts with two offensive players near the Free Throw Line. The defense throws out the ball and closes out.

OPTION: You can station a coach in the FTL area for the inbound pass.

Players B1 and B4 are in the end lanes waiting for B2 or B3 to get the rebound. Then they will run out and call "Outlet!" to get the pass.

Communication is important. Once a shot is attempted, the defense should call out, "Shot!" to alert teammates.

The Outlet Pass

The rebounder must grab the ball and either chin it to create space, or for out-sized players, take a dribble to the outside lane. In either case, the objective is to deliver the ball to the outlet receiver on the rebounder's side as quickly as possible.

The opposite outlet becomes the recipient of the next pass on the fast break.

Players B6 and B7 step up as defense. Their goal is to protect the basket and get the rebound.

Coming back

As soon as B1 and B4 shoot, B6 and B7 position themselves, call, "Shot!", get the rebound and make a good outlet pass to either B5 or B8,

B5 and B8 attack the other basket.

B9 and BA step up to defend.

Once players finish their offensive or defensive roles, they join a new line under the basket. If they were in an outside line, their next turn should be in an inside line.

Note: If the offense rebounds the ball, they keep shooting. Require a shot within 5 seconds to keep the drill moving.

If a shot is made, the drill remains the same, but an inbound pass is made to the outlet.