Dear Parents and Players,

I finally got our basketball hoop up in mid-July and there has been a crowd of kids in the driveway ever since! Between softball, BJ and Brett’s baseball games,our home business and all of the bizarre happenings at my job, I haven’t had much time or energy to devote to basketball. Recently, however, my calls to the YMCA have been answered and for once I have some information to pass on to you.

First, I have asked that our 6th grade team be admitted into the Advance Skills league and Jim Kindle has assured me that he will include us. I am sure we would be more successful in the win/loss column if we stayed in the Junior Wolves division, but our need for growth and challenge would not be as well served. Any time a change is made, there are positive and negative consequences that must be faced. I want to outline those for you so you will better know what we’re getting into.

Positive reasons for moving the team to Advanced Skills

Negative reasons for moving the team to Advanced Skills

If you’re not sure that you are ready for Advanced Skills, there will be a try-out at the YMCA on Saturday, September 17th. Players will be tested and if they pass, will go into a pool for a draft. If you pass, however, and you’ve put my name on your registration form as your preferred coach, then you will still be on our team. Should you not pass, then you can play in the Junior Wolves division which will guarantee more playing time.

The most sensitive area for any coach is managing playing time to benefit the both the team and the individual player. I prefer equal playing time but it isn’t possible to promise it, and that may be the biggest change of all from last year. 

Otherwise, we will still use our full court defenses (so will our opponents), and build upon the patterns learned last year. We will work more on offensive plays and our man-to-man fundamentals.

If you excited about continuing on this year, so am I. Be sure to register at the YMCA for Advanced Skills and list my name as the coach. Please call me soon and let me know what you want to do. My number is still 337-1664. If you want to come over and visit and shoot some hoops, please come on over. I’ll be out of state August 26-28, but you can drop by most any other time.

Steve Jordan
Coach of the Flames