The Flames
Team Rules Contract

Team Rules:

Try your hardest at every moment to improve the team. If you do this, no other rules are needed. However, until we learn to be truly team oriented, here are some specific rules. The players who follow this list will improve faster and earn more playing time than if they do not.

1. When I am speaking, whether in a meeting like this, in a time out or during practice, players will not interrupt. Time will be allowed afterwards for questions.

2. Follow the plan.

3. Rely on your teammates to do their jobs. If they fail, remember that sometimes you will fail, too. But when you succeed together, you will accomplish more than any one person could achieve.

4. No insulting, taunting or arguing with teammates... ever!

5. No horseplay, such as kicking, bumping, throwing or slapping basketballs, wrestling or pushing others, during practices or games.

6. Always hustle. It is one of the best habits to attain.

7. Play your best, even when it seems impossible to win. Never give up.

With mutual consent, the team is encouraged to add rules as they see fit, so long as the rule puts the team first.

By signing below, I agree to follow these rules: