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Baseline Out of Bounds (BLOB) vs Zone

Anytime the offense gets the ball under their own hoop, they have a distinct advantage. Consider what is going for them: the ball is close to the basket, they can set up in a formation exactly as they have practiced and any mismatches in the key create an easy shot. If teams defend this situation with a m2m, the offense can create room to shoot with a simple, well placed screen and seal. So, trying to level the playing field, many defenses will go zone do defend the BLOB. The BLOB puts people right where the offense wants to shoot and avoids the trouble of switching. If you encounter this and are willing to settle for a clean outside shot, either of these two plays can help.


Play 1

Your best shooter, B2, inbounds the ball. on the break, B1 dives toward B3 then out past the perimeter. B3 goes to the ball side corner and gets the pass from B2. B2 then uses the double screen by B4 and B5 to get open in the weak side corner area. B3 rotates the ball to B1 to dribbles briefly to get a good angle and passes to B2 for the shot.


Play 2

In this play, B3 puts a screen on the middle man in the zone. B5 uses the screen to get to the ball side corner, B3 seals for position. B4 pops to the weak side corner and B1 clears to the outside as in play 1. This gives B2 three pass options. If B2 passes to either B4 or B5, he should go to the opposite wing and look for a reversal pass through B1.