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The Video Playbook is a new, cutting edge means of teaching plays to your players or to your coaching staff for that matter. Multimedia Sports Marketing converts your hardcopy playbook to a animated, digital format that plays on your computer screen. As such, it can be access on a web page or distributed on a CD.


I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I slid the CD in to the bay. The movie browser opened up and there was a brief slide show. Next thing you know, I was watching the Lakers playing to demonstrate the triangle offense. Oh, my!

The various aspects of the triangle offense were diagrammed on screen and then animated to show the player movements. Pretty slick. But then, a video clip was inserted showing the professionals demonstrating that exact play!

Later on, a girls team were shown working on some patterns, again following the animated diagrams.

The potential of the video playbook is just being discovered, I think. I love the way you can present the material to a wide audience, either hosted on a web site or passed out on CDs. That must be cheaper than creating binders full of paper instruction. Plus, it is easier to incorporate additional material or make changes.

Finally, I found the format plain entertaining. While you always wonder if the kids are studying their playbook (I don't believe they do, so I quit making the paper playbooks for my teams), I have little doubt that the kids will watch these live action videos.


The media is fun, informative and effective as a training tool. No doubt about that.

Distribution of information is cheap and easy.


The service of converting your playbook to digital format is expensive. If you have any experience diagramming plays and animating them (I have some), then you will understand the amount of time and skill required to create this product.

There is the organization required to put your material in order. You'll need to get all your ducks in a row prior to production, but that is a task you should do anyway.

I would be very hesitant to use NBA television footage without permission.


If you can afford the service, this tool is a winner. I think that in a few years, you'll see this format frequently for training all kinds of things. Static play diagrams, like in the Coach's Notebook, will be passe'. The Video Playbook is the future.

Steve Jordan
Coach's Notebook


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