Lay-up Drill with 11 Elements

Notice: This article was written by Steve Jordan, Coach's Notebook. Email the author at

Setup: Half court, two lines at corners. Players in left line as shown perform skills 1-5 then move to the end of the right line. Players in the right line perform skills A-F then move to the end of the left line. This drill can be run with two balls to increase activity.

Introduction: All elements are basic and fundamental. Emphasis is on performing simple skills perfectly and on following directions. Proper execution is much more important than speed or changing the drill.

Pitfalls: Players taking shortcuts or omitting elements. Do not allow players to change the drill. Insist that lay-ups be initiated from the proper foot, for example and that V and L cuts are sharp, not rounded.

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Left Line:

  1. Dribble with right hand to six feet from mid-court line. Turn left.
  2. Pass the ball to player from right line.
  3. Cut towards baseline and stay in outside lane.
  4. At free throw line extended, V cut to basket.
  5. Shoot left handed lay-up.

Right Line:

  1. Run to point six feet from baseline.
  2. L cut towards middle of floor.
  3. Flash hands for pass.
  4. Catch pass and dribble to free throw circle and jump stop.
  5. Pass to player from left line cutting to basket.
  6. Rebound or pull ball from basket and pass to left line