Fast Break Drill 2

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7 or more players (8 diagrammed), 5 basketballs, 2 baskets as shown.

This is a great conditioning drill. Because the players get a shot at the finish, motivation to run hard is inherent in the drill. Players get in better shape and get to practice shooting under increasing fatigue. I run this drill until the players get tired and begin to slow down. If the drill is not overused, you can run it every practice with great effect.

There are two players at the far end of the court, each with a basketball. There are three lines at the near end, each line has a basketball. The first player in the middle line, Y1, steps on the court with a basketball to start the drill. The first player in the right and left lines do not have a basketball, but the players behind them do (Y6 and Y7).

The drill starts at this end!

The drill starts at the bottom of the diagram.

The first three players run a 3 man weave finishing with a layup. The two players who do not shoot a layup receive a ball from the baseline players (Y4 and Y5) and shoot either a three or a short jumper. These shooters get their own rebound and take the place of Y4 and Y5. The player who shoots the layup gets his own rebound and returns back up the floor with Y4 and Y5 and the drill is repeated. The only difference is that the player who shoots the second layup goes to the end of the middle line as he will be replaced by the next player (Y8). 

You can run the drill for a set time and see how many points you can get or set a specific target, like 20 baskets, and see how fast you can score them.

Step by Step
Y1 steps on the court and bounces the ball off the backboard to simulate a rebound. Y1 passes to Y2 or Y3 and cuts behind the player passed to. In this example, Y3 passes to Y2 and cuts behind him. Meanwhile, Y1 is cutting to the basket and gets a pass from Y2 and makes the layup. Y2 and Y3 spot up for jumps shots, get their own rebounds, and then replace Y4 and Y5.

The drill continues as Y1 retrieves his basketball and runs back down court running the weave with Y4 and Y5. Whoever shoots the layup is done and goes to the and of a line. The other two players shoot their long shots, get their rebounds and get in line as the next set of three players takes off.

Skills Reinforced
Outlet pass (and calling for it). Passing and shooting on the move. Conditioning.