Years: 1999-2001

Organized by Brett Killion

Table of Contents

OFFENSE (77 topics)

Fundamentals (17)

Motion Offense  (9)

M-2-M Offenses (Besides Motion) (5)

Zone Offense (8)

Press Break (7)

Plays (9)

Fastbreak (5)

Miscellaneous Offensive Topics (17)

DEFENSE (41 topics)

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Zone Defense (7)

Press (6)

Rebounding (3)

Miscellaneous (12)

MISCELLANEOUS (136 topics)

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Running A Program (14)

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Team Management/Motivation (29)

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Square Up & Triple Threat


Is the chest pass overrated?

Foul shooting

Shooting Pocket

Correcting Shooting Form

Problems with Missed Lay-ups & Short Shots

Low Post Play

Post Play: Counter move to the drop step

  1. Power dribble (one) towards the middle of the key and explode to the basket. We practice the drop step, the power dribble and with some players a short hook shot with that move towards the middle. What we discourage are fadeaway jumpers.
  2. If the post player is feeling heavy pressure from the low side by the defender, then we teach our post to front pivot into the lane, so you are still using the same pivot foot. The important factor is to pivot fast and low so that your post player is in basketball position and ready to move. Now we have 3 reads. #1 if the defender stays back, we take the 7 foot jumper, from this spot I coach them to always use the backboard so they cant get more power on their shot and have less chance of it getting blocked. This is the least best option The next option is if the defender stays back and is still in a position to deny the move down the lane. Then we use a dribble to the middle and shoot either a left handed baby hook over the front of the rim. Or a power move and use the backboard from straight in front. This is the second best choice. Now the best move is if the defender uses and advance step to try to stop the jumper when the post front pivots. Now the inside leg as the post is facing the hoop is still free to make a step. So we execute a cross over step aiming our lead foot just pass and through the defenders outside leg and foot, then with a good power dribble we pin the defender on our backs and make the power lay up from the same spot we would have, had the drop step been available. This is the best option.
  3. Another move we teach is a ball fake - show the ball high side near the shoulder and lean (but don't step). If the defender buys the move and steps up, you can then execute the drop step, sealing him off and making the power lay-up.
    1) Ball fake to inside middle above shoulder before drop step baseline, add shot fake if needed before power lay-up
    2) Fake drop step baseline with ball fake shoulder high, inside pivot, baby jumper (option: can also add step back dribble to create space)
    3) Fake drop step, ball fake shoulder high baseline, inside pivot to middle, jump hook
    4) Fake drop step, inside pivot, shot fake, up and under crossing over back baseline if they overreact to 2 and 3
    5) If playing soft, pivot, square up and take quick jumper or fake shot and crossover middle and hookbr> We teach the kids to open up to the inside and then up and under to the power shot which they wanted to do in the first place.

Backdoor Cut

FUN Ball handling Drills

Better Hands

Pivot Foot: Does it Matter?

Proper Technique for Setting Screen

Setting Staggered Screens

Setting & Using Screens Better

Driving By a Defender

Motion Offense

Teaching Motion Offense

Motion Offense Rules

5 Out Motion: Combating a Sagging Man Defense

5 Out Motion: Teaching Progression

5 Out Motion: Corner Options

5 Man Motion: Drive & Dish

4-Out/ 1-In Motion: With a Poor Center

4-Out/1-In Motion Offense

Blocker-Mover Offense

M-2-M Offenses (Besides Motion)


Flex: Combating Switching of Screens

1-3-1 High Post Offense

1-4 High Offense

Bo Ryan's Swing Offense

Zone Offense

Zone Offense General

Beating the 1-3-1 zone

Offense vs. 1-1-3 Zone

Attacking a 3-2 Zone

Offense vs. Box & 1

Passes vs. a Zone Defense


Attacking a 3-2 Half Court Trap

Press Break

Breaking a 1-2-2 Press

Breaking a 2-1-2 Press


Breaking a Diamond & 1 Press

Breaking a 1-3-1 Press

Unique Ways of Breaking Presses

Press Break vs. M-2-M Press


Last Second, End of Game Play

Quick Hitters

Baseline Inbound Plays

Baseline OOB vs. Zone

Sideline OOB Plays

Jump Ball Formations

Jump Ball Plays

Trick Plays

Pick & Roll Plays


Fast Break System

Fast break Drills

Starting Your Fast Break

Fastbreak: Fill the lanes or numbered break?

Secondary Break

Miscellaneous Offensive Topics


Penetration & Dish to Post Player

Delay Game

Moving Without the Ball

Offensive Rebounding/Defensive Coverage

Cherry Picking or Playing Smart?

Attacking Switching Defenses

Getting Guards to Dribble to a Certain Spot & Not Pick Up the Ball Too Soon

PG Pressure Tips

Allowing Players to Drive to the Basket in a Half Court Set

Determining Opponent's Half Court Defense

How Many Offenses?

Attacking A Shot Blocker

Limiting Turnovers

Penetration & Kick Drills

Using the Backboard How much does it help?

Attacking a Sagging Man Defense


M-2-M Defense

M-2-M Defensive Drills

Help-side Defense


Why front the post?

Building A M-2-M Defense

Defending the Downscreen

Switch or Stay on Screens

Best Way To Beat A Screen

Defending High-Low Pass

Help Side vs. Pressuring Passing Lanes

Sagging Man Defense

Help & Recovery on Defense

Defense with ball on the wing: How do you play the dribbler?

Zone Defense

1-3-1 Zone

3-2 Zone

1-1-3 Zone



1-2-2 Half Court Trap

Half Court Trap

1-3-1 Half Court Trap


What type of press do you like to run & why?

Diamond Press

2-2-1 Press

2-2-1 Press: Backside Question


Run & Jump vs. Run & Double


Blocking Out Drills

Rebounding - cont

Getting Players to be Aggressive Rebounders

Miscellaneous Defensive Topics

Defending The Flex

Trapping after a Missed FG


The Hero Defense

Transition Defense

Slowing Down an Athletic Team

Out of Bounds Defense

Defending a 5 Out Motion Offense

How Much Ball Pressure?

Stopping the super guard

Creating a Defensive Mentality

Defending the 4 Corners



Competitive-Fun Drills

Most Aggressive Gut Check Drills

Variants to the 11 Player Break Drill

Most Beneficial Drill

Practice Warm-up

Stretching during Practice/Warm-up

Practice Planning

Keeping Practice Fun


Scrimmage Teams in Practice

Scrimmaging: Running your offense when the defense (your own players) know what's coming

Ways to Scrimmage to Involve All Players

Using Managers in Practice

Team Managers

Running as a Punishment?


Conditioning in Practice

Time Spent on Shooting in Practice/Number of Shots in Practice

Closed Practices or Not?

Do you let parents watch practice?

Practice Planning Before 1st Game

9 practices at a high school level.

Deciding what to teach in practice



Drills For Tryouts

Your Best Drill for Tryouts

Main Things You Look For In A Player During Tryouts

Tryouts: How Many to Keep & What to do With the Rest

Cutting Players

Running a Program

Turning around a program

Feeder Systems


Off-Season Workouts

Play Year-Round?

What is your focus in Summer League Games?

Pulling up a Freshman


Coach to Win or Develop in 8th grade?

How many players you need (not carry) for your system?

Open Gym

Preseason Organizational Meeting w/ Staff

Saturday Program For Elementary Kids

Your Program: Secrets of Success & Problems You've Faced

General Coaching Advice

Make Sure You Always:

Make Sure You Never

How to Coach Young Centers

General Advice

Being a Better Bench Coach

What Makes A Good Coach At The Youth Level

What have you learned from experience

The Hardest Thing in Coaching Basketball is

Team Management/Motivation

Losing Mentality

Dealing With A Weaker Schedule

Players Accepting Roles


Parents & Playing Time

Dealing with Parents: Your Philosophy

Having Assistant Coaches

Team Building

Team Slogans

Motivational Quotes

Half Time Pep-Talks

Motivational/Reward Systems for Individuals & Team

How to Motivate Polite Girls to be Aggressive

Team Leadership/Team Captains

Choosing Captains & their Responsibilities

Team Concept/Selfish Players

Avoiding Team Burnout

Practice Attendance & Consequences

Players Violating School & Team Rule

Having Players Play Multiple Positions

Goals You Want to Accomplish This Year

Substitution Systems

Planning for the Season

Team Rules


Eliminating 1st Game Jitters

Preparing for a Championship Game

Losing in the Championship: What do you say?


FT Percentage

FTs Per Game

What is a good 3-point FG Percentage


Posting Stats to Players

High School Girls Basketball Research
What statistic has the biggest correlation with winning?

Special Situations

Time & Score Situations

Down in the 4th Quarter Strategies

In the lead, tight game: When to start eating clock?

Strategy: How do you start your game?

Strategy: Key situations in games

Down By 2, 20 Seconds Left: What do you do?

Game Strategy: I love it when


Features of a Good PG




Bad Habits By Players

Pet Peeves

What will you change this season?

You Know it s Going to be a Long Season When

Community Service Project

Catchy Saying You Use as a Coach

Great Sayings

T-Shirt Slogans

Use of Time Outs

Injury Liability Form

Parent/School Transportation Policy

Coaching Own Kids: Pros & Cons

Games & Contests for Summer Camp

Gift Suggestions for Coaches

Points of Emphasis Over the Summer

Coaching Resume

Activity Sports Fees

Rather have a natural athlete or a kid that had to learn how to become a player?

Your Best Prank

Toughest part about coaching

Stories of Parent Problems

Dealing With Refs

What has worked for you with referees?

Definition of a Good Coach

Rating yourself as a coach: Looking back at your season

Preparing for an interview

Telling players the truth: Do we sugarcoat things too much?

Breaking down game film

Awards Banquet

Summer Reading Coaching Books

Restrictions on Player's Appearance

Dress Codes

Coaching Philosophy

Can we teach toughness?

Working Camps

What Zone Do You Prefer & What Zone Do You Prefer to Play Against?

What does every successful coach have in common?

Unique or Interesting Basketball Ideas/Concepts

What your team does better than others year in and year out

Clinic for Beginning Coaches