Links to help the college-bound basketball player

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I have received several emails asking for information for the college bound athlete. Of similar interest are those folks looking for basketball camps. Its important for college-hopefuls to get exposure, and camps are a good way to accomplish that. Anyway, I hope the following list of sites will help you on your journey.

Achieving your Personal Best Basketball Camp

FUNdamental week-long camps for players 8-18!

Camps and scholarships. Many choices.

90 scholarship links

Well-known basketball camp.

Shoot it Better Mini-Camps. Full online product list.

Camps and recruiting database

Recruiting information, financial aid

Point Guard Basketball College

Coach Don Meyer's camp

NBC Camps in the Northwest US

Clarion University offers weekend camps

Kalamazoo Valley College Camp

C What We C Enterprises, Inc.

Check out the Superstar Camp