The Coach's Notebook is proud to review

The Complete Guide to Girls' Basketball

by Mike Mullaney
424 pages | ISBN: 0-9761005-0-9


There are many, many resources out there these days that will tell you all about coaching basketball. A simple  google search will conjure up a plethora of books, CD, DVD, VHS and website material. It can be a bit  overwhelming to a new coach, so I hope this review is successful in pointing you to a great place to start your coaching education or adding to what you are already teaching your players.

What makes Coach Mullaney's new book, "The Complete Guide to Girls' Basketball", stand out from the crowd? Well,  there are three distinctive features that set this book apart from its peers.

First, this is a beautifully crafted book. Having been involved with publishing most of my life, I truly  appreciate the artistry and care given to the organization and layout. Every page has been professionally prepared  with relevant pictures, humorous quotes and detailed diagrams. The ease of use is about as good as a book can get.  The pictures are sharp and full of action, the quotes will keep you chuckling and looking forward to the following page, and the diagrams clearly explain the drills.

Second, this is a basketball coaching resource devoted to girls. How often do you see that? I think Coach Mullaney found a very important niche in the coaching resource market. Consider how many coaches are really a daughter's devoted dad who is challenged not only with teaching basketball, but also with reaching out to a group of young  ladies. Not many men have strong experience in that special arena, but Coach Mullaney does. The Complete Guide to Girls'  Basketball offers a coaching philosophy, drills and strategies that have been proven effective by the success of his girls teams. He even includes a section on rules that differ for womens play.

Third, and perhaps the feature that will matter most to you, is that The Complete Guide to Girls' Basketball really is complete. From basic footwork techniques to basic practice plans to game strategies, its all there.  In fact, don't get your nose up in the air if you coach boys. Every one of the 200+ drills, and all of the discussed  fundamental skills will benefit your team, too. It is a thorough textbook for the novice coach and is destined to become the well-worn companion of the more experienced coach as well. The Coach's Notebook is proud to recommend Coach Mullaney's book to all basketball coaches.

To order The Complete Guide to Girls' Basketball, go to Mike Mullaney's website, You can download an excerpt, see the table of contents, read about Coach Mullaney and even read other reviews if you want more information before buying the book.

The list price is $24.95, but it is available at, Wal-Mart, and Atlas (and many more outlets if you  care to search) and I have seen the price as low as $15.48 plus shipping. For bulk orders, email Atlas Books at

About the Author

Mike has coached hundreds of girls’ basketball games. His teams have consistently won league championships, tourna-ments and finished in the final four in the AAU Potomac Valley Region (Division II). He is currently coaching AAU and high school girls’ basketball teams in Maryland.

At Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Florida, he was named Most Valuable Player for the 1973-1974 season, was named to the All-City Basketball Team as a point guard, and was awarded the 1974 John Burke Award for being the top student-athlete in the school. He was All-State in the mile and two-mile runs in Florida. He is a graduate of Florida State University.

Mike Mullaney

He has been married to his wife, Sue, for over 20 years. They have two wonderful daughters, Melissa and Michele.

Review written by Steve Jordan, Coach's Notebook