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Triple Threat Position

I have always been of the mind set that a player needs to first do what is most comfortable.  I think the foot your pivot on should be dictated by what your strong and or shoot hand is. If you are right handing you will be pivoting either with a reverse and or full front pivot on your left foot regardless of which side you are. In doing this you can immediately utilize the jab step when in triple threat to give you a read on your defender and or clear space. Also, by using the reverse pivot you do naturally clear space when facing a defender who is playing very tight. 

One of the keys to this is bringing the ball through either around the eye level and or low underneath where the defenders hands and arms are not.  I see a lot of kids try to clear the ball right through around their chest area and lose the ball this way. 

Two keys to the clear into the triple threat as I see it.  First is being aggressive with which ever method and way you pivot. No wusses here thank you. Be strong, be aggressive.  Half of playing offense is simply keeping the defense off guard as much as possible.  I don't care if you are a 5 man who can only shoot four footers, you catch the ball 20 feet from the hoop come through with it like you  mean it.  It also makes you much  more ready to make passes, even use a dribble or two.  Makes you more ready to do basketball things.  The next thing to remember when clearing into triple threat is to never, and I mean never, take and put the ball up over your head immediately. This has the effect of first standing you up on offense.  It makes you a non-threat instantly. It also allows a very aggressive defender to close down that space you  might have created in recieving the ball and really putting you off balance