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Primary/Secondary Break: 
Pass Option Attack

by Jamie Angeli
UCLA Basketball Staff
by Fever River Sports Productions



If you have a team that can run well, you should investigate the Primary/Secondary Break: Pass Option Attack video tape authored by Jamie Angeli, Administrative Assistant to Steve Lavin at UCLA. Coach Angeli has a very straight forward teaching style that is logical and easy to follow. If you didn't understand his structured, fast break concepts the first time you viewed the tape, you simply weren't paying attention.

In brief, Coach Angeli presents a numbered fast break system that has a fixed set of successive options. The options mimic a motion offense, but streamline the choices in order to produce a set of organized, fast paced scoring opportunities. If, after a series of looks at the basket, the team does not get a good shot, the team is positioned with a 3 out and 2 in formation and is ready to run their chosen primary offense.

The program is explained using a well-drilled group of players to demonstrate running the plays in real time. Each segment is followed by a brief, animated X and O diagram. I found this diagramming very useful at the start as it was initially difficult to identify the numbered role for each particular player. However, as Coach Angeli built the system layer by layer, I soon felt very comfortable identifying the roles.

The secret to teaching this system is starting with the basic fast break play where the 4 or 5 rebounds (or inbounds) the ball and delivers it to the point guard, who in turn looks for the 2 or 3 further down court for a shot. This basic play can be run as a drill until the players are familiar with the pattern and are correctly executing the essential fundamentals. Then, the next option is added and the drill is expanded. The system can be taught one level at a time with attention to the skills required by each successive option. In a fairly short time, your team will have a fast flowing, organized break that will present them with several scoring possibilities every time they go down the floor.

The tape closes with a series of drills that will condition your players at the same they are learning the system, layer by layer. There is also a practice plan displaying the drills, timing and points of emphasis. These drills can be run every practice. The primary/secondary fast break system will soon be a natural pattern for the team to follow at game time.

Coach Jamie Angeli's Primary/Secondary Break: Pass Option Attack has the full endorsement of the Coach's Notebook. The system can be run by boys or girls teams and even though it is used at the college level, all youth and high school teams with a running style can definitely benefit from this fast break system.

Steve Jordan



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