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48 Championship Drills

by Marty Schupak
drills conducted by Gary Gray



I'm certainly not the first coach to review this video. In fact, contrary to my normal procedure, I read reviews on other sites to get a feel for some of the opinions out there. Generally, the tape is complimented for its production quality, but gently admonished for a lack of in depth in presenting the full fundamental skills within the drills, suitable only for young teams, but not for more experienced players and coaches.

Well, I disagree with that approach.

48 Championship Drills is a fast-paced demonstration of 48 drills. Its only 42 minutes long. Younger players are used as models, but they perform the drills well, certainly well enough to give a coach a clear picture of how the drill is supposed to work. And that's the beauty of it. I popped the tape in and grabbed a pen and a clean sheet of paper. Next thing I know, I had notes on 14 new (to me) drills that I can use right away to get points across to my high school JV team. I consider myself to be a relatively experienced coach with a solid collection of favorite drills. For me to get 14 new ideas from one source is unusual and very welcome.

It doesn't matter what age the players are - fundamentals are fundamentals. Any drill that can get a point across in practice is worth doing. Further, variety is definitely the spice of life when it comes to basketball practice. There is nothing that can make a season more stale than repeating the same drills over and over.

So, I don't care how old your players are, take a look at this video tape. If you coach high school age kids, you might get a few drills that will prove interesting and helpful. Experienced coaches can add the filler fundamentals that the video may not cover. What we need most, usually, is new ways to present the same material.

Now, the coaches who will have the most to gain are the new coaches, especially parents who have taken on the job for the first time. This tape has all the basic skills covered from defense and rebounding to shooting, passing and ballhandling. The drills shown here will give you all the structure you need to cover a complete season. After viewing the tape a few times, you will be able to competently organize the kids thoughout practice.

48 Championship Drills is a good buy.

Steve Jordan


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